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Celestial Horizons Pty. Ltd. - since 2000.

Development of the unique CH Basic compilers for the PIC16 series microcontrollers. The CH Basic language is designed to be easy to learn and simple to use. With this compiler customers have designed systems measurement, instrumentation and control.

The first Celestial Horizons product released on the market in the year 2000 was the CH Basic Compiler Bronze Edition. One of the design aims was to make it more interactive. This was
brought about by making the CH Basic program immediately translate into assembly and displayed in the assembly window within the development environment. Although this version of the compiler was quite simple, it was interesting for learning assembly language or for evaluating the optimisation of the assembly code which is not always easy when programming in a higher level language.

Further development of the compiler technology resulted in increased functionality, a new editor mode to supplement the interpreter mode, further developments to the compiler core, and a framework for implementing user designed library functions. With increased popularity of the Flash memory microcontrollers, the new compiler emerged as the CH Basic Flash Edition, supporting various microcontrollers from the PIC 16F series. Further development was aimed at increasing the number of supported processors from the family, improved functional support and enhancing the user interface for added flexibility.

As the compiler functionlity expanded further tools were developed. The Scope Tool aided with simple logging of measurement data through the serial port, as a useful aid for testing during application program development. Further hardware support was provided by other tools for using bootloaders for simple programming of the user code. Also tools to support direct flash memory programming of the microcontrollers were developed.

Celestial Horizons Pty. Ltd. is located in Melbourne, Australia. Please see the contact page if you have any questions or enquiries.

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